Herbs – Growing Dill

Dried Dill


Dill Seeds

Dill Seeds

Type of Plant – Hardy annual
Best Place – Full sun, sheltered from winds
Soil – Light, well-drained (A thick layer of sand, light clay and some stones)
Propagation – Seed
Parts of Plant – Leaves and seeds
Uses – Craft, culinary, medicinal, chickens, attract beneficial insects

Plant Dill from September through February. Plant every two weeks to have a harvest from November through April. It will bolt once the weather warms up.

Flowering Dill

Flowering Dill

Attracts beneficial pollinators such as Butterflies. Dill also attracts True bugs like, Assassin Bug, Big-eyed Bug and Minute Pirate Bug, predaceous insects like Trichogramma wasps and others that eat Mealy bugs, Mosquitoes, Scale insects, Spider Mites, Thripes and Whiteflies. Allow Dill to go to seed to attract beneficial insects.

Growing Dill

Growing Dill

Garden Planning – do not plant next to carrots

Companion Planting – It also helps corn produce bigger ears, enhances Broccoli’s flavor,

Culinary Uses – steam carrots and serve with butter and snipped Dill. Use seeds for strong fish and leaves on lighter varieties. Use chopped Dill in omelets. Make a Dill sauce for those meatballs. Make Dill-seed crackers. Use Dill to make those Dill pickles. Make Dill vinegar or oil.

Medicinal – Digestive problems, colic, flatulence (pour boiling water over 1 tsp crushed seeds)

How can I use herbs in the kitchen?

Curled Parsley

Once I had herbs growing, it was time to figure out how I can use them in the kitchen for meals.

Herbs can be used in soups, starters, main dishes, egg dishes, pasta, salads, cheese dishes and vegetables.

Chervil and Tarragon can be used in clear/light chicken broth for soups.  Dill, Lemon balm and Tarragon can be used in fish soups.  Caraway, Dill and Fennel can be used to make Lentil soups.  Chervil, Dill seed, Fennel, Lovage, Oregano and Sage can be used to make pea soups.

These are just a few ways to use herbs in cooking.  How do you use your herbs?