Recipe Tuesday – Herbs (Part 1 of 2)


Yesterday I posted a general information about herbs, so today I wanted to post helpful information about using herbs with dishes, as well as, a few herb recipes.

Here is a sheet cheat I use while putting together recipes from scratch.

Food Type Herb Serving Suggestions
Cakes/Beads Caraway seeds Sprinkle onto breads and crackers
Dill seeds Use ground in crackers
Fennel seeds Use ground to flavor bread
Ginger Use for spicy cookies and shortbread
Mint Add to white cakes
Tansy Use in Easter cakes
Cheese Dishes Chervil Chop into omlets and quiches
Dill weed/Marjoram Add freshly chopped to cream cheese
Mint Add freshly chopped to cream or cottage cheese
Oregano Ideal for vegetarian dishes
Sage Add to cooked sauces or cheese and potato dishes
Desserts Bergamot Add flowers to fruit salads
Mint Chopped in fruit salads and stewed pears/apples
Rose petals Use to flavor ice cream
Scented Geraniums Use to flavor ice cream, sherberts or use as a garnish
Sweet Cicely Cook with rhubarb/apples to replace sugar
Sweet violets Crystallize for decorations
Egg Dishes Basil/Chervil/Dill weed/Thyme Add chopped to omelets and other dishes
Tansy Use for sweet puddings
Fish Dill Use seeds with strong fish and leaves with lighter ones
Lemon Balm Substitute for grated lemon rind
Tarragon Good with strong fish
Lentil Caraway/Dill seed/Fennel Use ground seeds
Main dishes
  Fish-fat/rich Basil Use with mackerel/shellfish
Dill seeds Ideal for salmon
Tarragon Usein rich cream sauces
Thyme Good with strong flavored fish
  Fish – white Chervil Combine with lemon balm in light fish dishes
Dill weed/Fennel Use young sprigs finely chopped
Lemon Balm Can replace lemon
  Beef Coriander Use for an oriental flavor
Dill seeds Good with veal
Hyssop Good in casseroles
Lovage Adds celery flavor, thickens
Marjoram/Thyme Use in stews and casseroles
  Lamb Garlic Combine with lavender for young baked lamb
Rosemary Classic for baked lamb and lamb casseroles
  Pork Chervil/Marjoram Use in stuffings and sauces for roasts
Fennel Good in casseroles
Sage Use for stuffings
Summer Savory Good with ham dishes
  Chicken/poultry Corander Adds oriental flavor
Lemon Balm Rub with leaves before stirfrying or roasting
Sage/Summer savory Add to casseroles and stir-fried dishes
Tarragon Ideal with baked chicken and light casseroles
Pasta Basil Use fresh with tomato sauces
Marjoram/Oregano Taste stronger when dried
Nutmeg Grated with Parmesan
Pea Coriander Use ground seeds
Cumin/Fengugreek Grounds seeds add a spicey flavor
Ginger Use fresh chopped root
Turmeric Use ground and sparingly
Pickles & Relishes Dill Use for pickles and accompany fish
Mint Use with lamb cold cuts
Mustard Seed Use with gravad lax and strong-flavored dishes
Rich/meat Coriander seeds Use ground early in cooking
Lovage Use chopped stems to thicken broths and soups
Salads Basil Chopped leaves from different colored varities
Borage/Marigold Use flower petals on salads as a garnish
Chives Chop fine for a mild onion flavor
Corander/Lemon Balm Add three leaves to green salads
Nasturtium Use both flowers and leaves
Salad Burnet For a taste of cucumber
Sorrel Perks up lettuce
Soups Chervil Enhances consommes
Tarragon Good with chicken broth soups
  Rich pates Bay Good with all game recipes
Parsley Italian/flat-leaved has a stronger flavor
Sage Good in pork/rabbit dishes
Vegetable Chervil Enhances flavor
Dill seed Use ground seeds
Fennel Use ground seeds or Florence fennel bulb sliced fine
Lovage Use stems to replace celery
Oregano Adds Mediterranean flavor
Sage Use sparingly
  Beans/peas Chervil/Summer Savory Adds a Greek flavor
Dill seeds Add to breoad beans/peas
Mint Add to fresh young peas
  Cabbage Family Caraway seeds Add to all cabbage dishes and suerkraut
Fennel seeds Add to Brussel Sprouts
Marjoram Add to Broccoli dishes
Thyme Add to boiled or steamed cabbage
  Lentils/pulses Caraway/Fennel seeds Use ground
Ginger Adds spice to lentil loaf
Hyssop Add to quick dishes
Marjoram Add to lentil loaf and casseroles
  Onions Caraway Add to tarts
Oregano Use in quiches and soups
  Rice Fennel Add a bag of seeds to boiling rice
Saffron Add to any oriental dish
  Root Dill seeds Cook whole with carrots and parsnips
Fenugreek Add to carrots
Garlic Add to baked potato dishes
Paprika Add a sprig to boiling carrots or potatoes
  Tomatoes Basil Gives all tomato dishes an Italian flavor
Oregano Use fresh in Greek salads

How to make Tagliatelle with Parsley Sauce

Plain Parsley

I have attached a video showing how to make Tagliatelle.  The recipe in the video is different than the one I have posted below.  Here is a list of ingredients you will need to make this dish  that serves 4:

1lb fresh spinach tagliatelle (I substitute any pasta noodles)
6 scallions, thinly sliced
3T olive oil
4 cloves garlic
12oz button mushrooms, thinly sliced
1 c. chopped curly-leaved parsley
salt and black pepper
pinch of nutmeg
2/3 c. heavy cream
8oz feta cheese, crumbled

Cook the tagliatelle (or pasta) in boiling salted water until it is tender.  Drain and keep warm.  Meanwhile, heat the oil in a pan and cook the onions over medium heat until clear or translucent.  Add the garlic and cook another minute.  Add the mushrooms, stir, cover and simmer over low heat for five minutes.  Stir in the parsley slowly to avoid breaking the mushrooms, then season with salt, pepper and nutmeg.  Add the cream and heat all the way through.  Turn the tagliatelle into a warm serving dish, pour on the sauce and toss well.  Sprinkle with Feta cheese and serve with bread, a salad of roasted red and yellow peppers or tomatoes sprinkled with basil and sunflower seeds.

Enjoy the delicious dish.