Herbs – Week #4


Caraway is a hardy biennial herb that will enjoy full sun in the fall.  The stems will reach between 18″-30″ that will provide a white flower and produce a seed used to flavor candy, cookies, cakes and breads.  The thick like roots can also be eaten.

Caraway flowers in the summer and does not transplant well so sow the seeds in a place you want it to grow.  You can either harvest the seeds for replanting or let them fall in place to reseed on their own.

Caraway likes a loamy soil which would consist of equal amounts of compost, clay and sand.

Caraway seeds ground up and use in your lentil dishes.  It is also good in any cabbage dish.

Caraway seedheads will be brown and tan when dried to use in craft projects, such as wreaths and garlands.

Caraway seeds can be chewed as a breath freshner.

Lord bless you and keep you.