Herbs – Week #3


Borage is a herb that bees and wasp love, so make sure it is not planted close to a walkway.  The flowers are a pretty blue star pattern.  Sometimes the flowers may be pink or white.  Allow enough room because the plant can take up as much room as a squash plant.  It will also self-seed annually.

Borage is not picky about the kind of soil.  I have seen it grow in our compost, in a brick border that has clay only or in one of our raised beds, but perfect soil would be light soil.

The flowers and leaves can be used for cosmetic, culinary & medicinal purposes.

Borage likes full sun in the fall and let dry out in between waterings.

Borage flowers can be sprinkled on top of a salad as a garnish.

Borage has been known as a symbol of courage.

Borage flowers can be used in potpourri.  Can be used in skin lotions for cosmetic purposes.  Use the leaves & flowers in soups, garnish or fruit punches.  Leaves can be invused for feverish colds.

Next Monday’s post will be about Caraway.

Lord bless you and keep you.

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