ParsleyIn our garden we have a few different kinds of Parsley growing, so I thought I would post some information that I have learned.

Parsley is a hardy biennial that grows in Phoenix, AZ (Zone 9).  Parsley likes full sun with afternoon shade. Make sure the soil is fertile and hummus rich.  It is grown from seed.  The leaves and roots can be used for cosmetic, culinary, household and medicinal purposes.

The plant will overwinter easily but we grow it as an annual.  The plant will grow 9″-12″ tall and will produce flowers in the 2nd year.  The seed germinates well if kept warm and moist.  This can be accomplished by soaking the seed in warm water for a couple hours before sowing.  Keep the soil moist until it sprouts.  Continuous sowing will allow for a continuous   harvest.

Do you grow parsley and how do you use it?

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